zaterdag 15 september 2012

Chanel - bronze universel (soleil de tan or bronzing make-up base)

Since fall is making its entry into europe I feel it is time for some extra sunshine on my face. Today we will look at this lovely Chanel liquid bronzer.

isn't she lovely?

First glanze? very pretty! it has the shiny black lid with a golden chanel logo. The container is made of plastic but looks like glass which gives it a chique look.

But on to the more important: the product itself. the product is for my skintone (read NW20 in Mac or 20 in vitalumière) lovely but it will not suit a lot of people. If you have a lighter skintone it will look orange and if you have a darker skintone it will not show up. basically: if you're skintone is too light of too dark this is not the product for you!

the perfect bronze!

But what is you have the same of similair skintone? then it is a lovely product. It doesn't only bronze you up but give you a light glow. It also stays put all day making it the perfect bronzer for a hard day at the office. A plus is the lovely smell of the product: it's addictive! I keep on hoping Chanel will start selling the parfum that is in it!

Adieu mon chéri

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Bioderma - sollution micelaire

Bioderma is yet again one of those product that a lot of people rave about. It would remove make-up instantly and make your skin feel soft and fresh afterwards.

It is a beautyful product that removes make-up in a second as long (yes, here it comes) you don't wear waterproof make-up. If you wear waterproof mascara and try to remove it with this micelaire sollution it will still be there the morning after you cleaned your face.

My large bottle and her little "travelsize" baby sister.

And yet I would not trade it for anything else. Why not? First of all because I don't wear waterproof mascare or eyeliner. So cleaning my face with this water is no problem.

Second of all because it is the most simple make-up remover I ever came across. I know the brand "this works" has a similar product that includes extras like rose water and other natural extracts. I don't see the need for the extras! I simply love the simplicity of this product.

so recapturing: simple, clean and fresh. Don't buy when you're a fan of the waterproof. 

Adieu, mon chéri!

Caudalie - Eau de beauté

Since this blog will be deticated to my favourite French skincare brands I couldn't exclude Caudalie. Those who love reading other blogs (like I do) will know that this elixer is a cult favourite with a lot of beauty bloggers out there.

And even though I was sceptical and hesitant to buy it, it immidiatly became a favourite once I tried it. First of all, I love, nay, adore the smell. I find peppermint very refreshing and cooling on my skin. Second, it is brilliant under foundation. This elixer makes it so much more easier to work foundation into the skin.

Even though I'm raving, there are some downsides. Some people will not like the alcohol in this product even though it is a natural one. Besides that, it is quite hard to get a hold of in some countries.

Ever since I (or my skin) don't have a problem with the alcohol or the availability it stays a favourite.

Adieu mon chéri!